Bridging Finance

How does bridging finance work?

Bridging finance refers to short-term, secured loans. They are designed for situations where you need funding quickly, and you have a repayment strategy to pay back the loan at the end of the term. Because these loans are short-term, they often have no monthly repayments (as these can be rolled up on to the loan), but they typically have higher interest than mortgages, and usually require a higher level of deposit to cover the rolled up interest payments/charges.

What are bridging loans for?

Due to the tumultuous nature of the property market, many find themselves in a situation where they are waiting for one deal to go through before they can close another. For example, homeowners often find themselves needing the money from the sale of their current property before they can purchase a new property. Bridging loans can be incredibly useful in situations like these, or where a buyer has dropped out and you don’t want to lose the deal on your new property. Bridging loans can also be used for a range of other property-related purchases, such as buying land for a self-build property, auction properties, or properties that you want to refurbish or develop, to name a few. It is especially useful to be able to purchase a property, carry out works to it, sometimes even split the title to make separate units on the same site, and then refinance onto a standard loan once all the complicated work is completed. Whatever your requirements are, just get in touch and we will see how best we can help you.

We are experienced bridging finance brokers

With our extensive industry experience, market knowledge, and our network of fast, flexible lenders, we can secure you the best possible bridging loans that suit your specific needs. We understand that those in need of bridging finance are often working within strict time parameters, so we make sure the entire process of securing the loan is as swift as possible. If you need a broker to get you the best bridging finance loan options quickly, please get in touch with us.